About Us

Our family welcomes you!


The Harble Ridge properties were purchased by our family in 2018. We invested in this property to give the family a special place to gather together. With jobs, families and the hustle and bustle of everyday life we are all truly thankful to have a place like Harble Ridge to escape to. We love having the opportunity to share this place with friends, family and others who need a getaway from their everyday.

Doug & Darcel

Doug and Darcel were married for 44 years and they have two sons, Brad and K.C. Both sons are married with young families of their own living in central Ohio. They traveled extensively throughout the world, before Doug's passing in early 2020, but nothing compared to time spent with their kids and grandchildren at Harble Ridge. While we miss Doug terribly, Harble Ridge is his legacy.

Brad & Mallory

Brad and Mallory met at Ohio University and currently live in Westerville, Ohio with their three kids. We are looking forward to raising our kids with a love and appreciation for nature. Harble Ridge has provided a safe and relaxing environment to explore their surroundings and ignite their love for the outdoors.

KC & Raina

K.C. and Raina met when they were attending college in Columbus. We have three kids and we've always shared a passion for the outdoors. We've traveled together to some of the most beautiful national parks throughout the country but we still love having a getaway close by to spend time with family and friends and let our kids build a strong connection to the great outdoors.