Superhero Park

Grandpa's Superhero Park

An amazing natural playground right here at Harble Ridge

Grandpa's Superhero Park

Grandpa's Superhero Park is a special place here at Harble Ridge! Accessible to all guests* of Harble Ridge's main property, Superhero Park was built by our family to honor our beloved patriarch Doug who passed away suddenly in early 2020. Why the name Superhero park? Grandpa often played "superheroes" with his grandkids in a park near his home. He cherished spending time with them and loved seeing their imagination at work (even if he struggled with the capes they made him wear). In early 2020, Lucy, Ayla, Autumn, Finn, Selah, and Holden lost their superhero grandpa far too soon. This playground and the property it sits on is his legacy. We ask that you cut your kids loose and let them put their imaginations to work in honor of Doug. Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves. Grandpa's wish would be that you stop being busy and start doing life. Make memories filled with smiles that will last a lifetime. And when your kids or grandkids are tugging on you to go out and play, don't be ashamed to don your cape and be a kid again. In grandpa's eyes, everyone has it within them to be a superhero. *Superhero park is not accessible to guests at The Walden or The Grove at Harble Ridge. These cabins are located on a separate property.*

*Superhero park is NOT available to guests at The Walden at Harble Ridge. This cabin is located on a separate property.*

Grandpa's Superhero Park Features:

  • Tree Fort with Slide and Giant 40" Web Swing
  • Log Teeter Totter
  • Log Monkey Bars
  • Jungle Gym Bars
  • Swings Between the Trees
  • Rope Balance Walk
  • Wandering Path Balance Beam
  • Log Balance Beam
  • The Log Walk
  • Tire Walk
  • Tractor Tire Crawl
  • Climbing Ropes
  • 100' Zip Line
  • Science Stations
  • Horseshoes
  • Adult "Porch" Swing
  • Two Picnic Tables
  • Bridge To Nowhere
  • Climbing Wall